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Posted on Jan 12, 2019

TechHubCorp is fuelled by the ideal blend of precise solution and expertise. It aims to achieve effective multi-channel customer service for its client brands and organizations. With a battle cry like this, it is inevitable for TechHubCorp to continuously aspire for more.

Presently, TechHubCorp offers various campaign hosting services that enables companies and brands to launch their product campaigns with ease. To ensure that roadblocks will not get in the way of the campaigns, companies and brands will also avail of complete product support services. Hold on, you are in for a treat! Signing up for the campaign hosting services can be availed with a minimum team size of five (5) seats only. Moreover, it includes the following support components:

  • Seat leasing or a co-working space format
  • Payroll and human resource services
  • Manpower recruiting services
  • Team training support services
  • Quality Assurance Support Services
  • Technical and IT Support Services
  • Administrative and maintenance support

What better outcome can you get if you combine hard work, sturdy work set-up, and an ultra fast 100 mbps internet? Just imagine the time and energy that you will save if you just focus and let us take care of these time-consuming aspects. We have the right team to source for efficient manpower in different specialties. Screening CVs all day long? Leave it to us. People who love coffee will be at home with these added amenities:

  • Free flowing coffee for 24 hours
  • Free use of the training room, reservation basis
  • CCTV camera
  • Biometric access system
  • Conferencing (video) facility
  • Center is open 24/7
  • Pay parking facility within the building
  • No, you are not being fooled by your eyes. You see the benefits of TechHubCorp’s
  • campaign hosting services clearly. All you need is to fulfill the subscription terms and
  • conditions in order for you to enjoy these benefits while working.

Exciting times ahead? We agree. Sign up now!
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